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DocuGrab Word and PDF Search

Searches thousands of PDF, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect and text documents for phrases; most results returned in less than a second.

Tool-Tips aid the search, so even misspelled words can be found. Hover over results, the viewer displays, scrolls to and highlights the matches.

Double-click to open the file in any program you choose.

A big time saver for users with large document archives; takes less than a second to search 3 million words. For Windows.

Version History
V2.1.0 - 9/29/2013 - New! Supports WordPerfect Documents!
V2.0.3 - 9/14/2013 - Fixes: Resize for small screens; open with panel.

Results Ordered by Best Match

When searching for words or phrases, all the results are listed. Viewing documents is very fast; a mouse-hover immediately displays the document with the matches highlighted. Exact matches are listed first.

Results are in best match first order.

Scrolls and Highlights the Text

A mouse-hover over the results list loads the document into the viewer. The document is loaded and scrolled to the match. All matching words are highlighted. The viewer also reads PDF files as plain text (without formatting.)

The viewer highlights and scrolls to the search string

Completely Configurable

Choose the folders containing your documents. Specify the file types you want to include and the software you want to edit with. Double click on the results list or the viewer to open it.

Full control of the folders and programs you choose.

DocuGrab does not retain copies of your original documents. It scans them, marking the file and word location of the original file, and then builds an optimized database and dictionary. When a new file is added, a 'Sync and Scan' must be run. During the scan, searching is available, but results may not include the latest changes.